The Food Security Genome

DNA Double HelixBy Matt Pakula, Tyson Foods Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the most innovative food companies, we’re always looking at new ideas for our business and our brands. It’s part of who we are. We also know there are opportunities to be innovative as we seek to alleviate hunger in our communities. While we try to reduce food insecurity through several initiatives and partnerships, a new one announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative winter meeting in New York City offers exciting promise to identify the key success factors that lead to improving food security.
The Food Security Genome will create critical benchmark data about food security programs, quantifying the outcomes and identifying key success factors. The model that results will turn decades of data about alleviating hunger into actionable insights that will enable project funders, or any user, to predict the effectiveness and cost per outcome for a food security program.
We’re optimistic that over time using data in this way will improve the lives of many hungry people by creating opportunities to design better programs, allowing funders to deploy grants and contributions more effectively, and helping food security project implementers save time.
We’ll continue to work with our partners on innovative projects like the Food Security Genome. Hopefully, you’ll continue to follow this project as it progresses. In the meantime, you can view the media release for more information here.

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