Do you KNOW Hunger?

At Tyson Foods, we’ve been involved in hunger relief for a decade now. It’s been an ongoing effort, and we’ve never really done a major “campaign.”

That chages today, when we announce the launch of our KNOW Hunger campaign, focused on creating awareness for the issue.

It all kicks off this afternoon with the announcement of results of a nationwide survey on Americans’ attitudes and perceptions of hunger, completed in cooperation with the Food Research and Action Center.  As far as we can tell, it’s the most comprehensive survey ever (at least in recent years), devoted exclusively to what people think and know about the issue.

The survey was initiated from what we were seing in our own communties (which I’ve discussed here before):  that people see hunger as a signficant problem nationally–but not so much in their own communties.

Three big takeaways from the survey:

  • One in four Americans worries about not having enough money to put food on the table at some point next year.
  • Americans across the country do indeed see hunger as a signficant national problem; one that deserves our support.
  • Despite perceiving hunger as a serious national problem, most see hunger as less of a problem in their own communities. 

We believe the last point offers a potential challenge.  People are more inclined to apply limited resources to problems that are closest to home. We need to make them understand that no matter where they live, hunger affects them and their community.

We’re also announcing today that we’re donating a million pounds of Tyson products in 36 cities across the country. We’re pleased to be partnering with 23 different customers, many of whom also have hunger as their primary cause.

As we make donations in local markets, we’ll talk about the survey and why it’s important for people to be aware of what’s happening in their community.  Because if we aren’t fully informed, we wont’ be fully engaged. If we don’t KNOW hunger, we stand less of a chance of having NO hunger.  At the donations, we’ll let the hunger fighters talk about the scope and nature of hunger in their communities.

We hope you don’t mind that we’ll be using quite a bit of the bandwidth of this blog in the next month or so to talk about what’s happening at these events.

There’s a lot more on the survey and other parts of the campaign in the Media and Resources page of this blog.  We’d love your feedback on the survey, and anything else connected with the campaign.