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Do You KNOW Hunger?

  Lots of folks don’t know. We have the research to prove it. Three years ago, we embarked on a research project with the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), in which we measured public knowledge and attitudes about hunger in the U.S., particularly in their own communities. It all began when we heard our own team mates say, “We […]

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Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. KNOW Hunger Video

Growing up in a family of eight in Camden, New Jersey, Aaron McCargo got to see a lot of life, including lots of hungry kids.  Now a successful Food Network personality (better known as “Big Daddy”), he’s generous with his time and energy to help make the world a better place.  Not only has he traveled far and wide as […]

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Facebook poll–help us decide on a donation–3 days left

Click here to cast your vote. You have until Friday at midnight to cast your vote in the Facebook poll for the foodbank from the list you think should receive a truckload of food from Tyson Foods.   The three top vote getters will each receive a truckload of food within the next month to six weeks. We’ve had some great participation in […]

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Ways you can get involved in the fight against hunger

Interested in enlisting in the fight against hunger?  Here are just a few ways you can start.  KNOW Hunger. In the recent FRAC/Tyson poll,    the majority of people said they understood hunger as a national problem, but believed it wasn’t as significant in their hometowns.  You can find out more about how serious this issue is by connecting with hunger […]

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“Like” Arvest For Hunger Relief

It’s tremendous to see a community-centric lender like Arvest Bank launch a hunger relief campaign this week aimed right where help is needed – at the local level. The Fayetteville-chartered bank started its “1 Million Meals” effort Monday. It’s an incredible pledge to leverage funds and food during the next two months to create one million meals for the needy […]

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There IS hunger in your community

The Tyson KNOW Hunger campaign, launched a couple of weeks ago, is based on our own experience–and a nationwide survey we conducted with FRAC–that indicates often people see hunger as a national problem, but not so much in their own communities. This week Feeding America launched a phenomenal new tool to illustrate the face of hunger in the U.S.  Their Map […]

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KNOW Hunger Video–Spencer Tillman

We met Spencer Tillman through our friends at Lift Up America.  If you’re much of a college football fan, you know who Spencer is.  As lead studio analyst for CBS sports, he’s visible every autumn Saturday afternoon, wherever there’s a “big game,” moving into his current role after a distinguished career in college and pro football.   But when he’s not […]

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KNOW Hunger Video–Laura Rhea

We believe one of the biggest challenges facing the hunger movement is the inability of people to recognize food insecurity in their own communities.  As the recent FRAC/Tyson study on perceptions of hunger confirmed, many believe hunger is something that happens somewhere else, to someone else. We’ve begun producing a series of video testimonials from now-successful people who at one time in their lives experienced food hardship.  The goal […]

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Do you KNOW Hunger?

At Tyson Foods, we’ve been involved in hunger relief for a decade now. It’s been an ongoing effort, and we’ve never really done a major “campaign.” That chages today, when we announce the launch of our KNOW Hunger campaign, focused on creating awareness for the issue. It all kicks off this afternoon with the announcement of results of a nationwide survey on Americans’ […]

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Who are the hungry people? (you can help with a comment)

Gayle Keck from the San Francisco Food Bank discusses the face of hunger in her community. Tyson will donate 100 lbs. of food to the SF Food Bank for every comment to this post (up to a 30K lbs. truckload)

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