Rodger Hunter–A Positive Influence

Rodger Hunter, the Student Life Coordinator for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks athletic program is a heck of a guy. 

Rodger works hard to get student athletes involved in the community. To put them in places where they need to be, and keep them out of places they don’t.

Today, Rodger helped bring an amazing 85 Razorback athletes to Don Reynolds stadium–in sub-freezing temperatures and long before they normally get up on Saturday morning–to help distribute 35 thousand pounds of Tyson products to 38 agencies of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.  With that much muscle and energy, it was phenomenal how quickly the product went out of the  Tyson truck and into the agency vehicles.

Props to you Rodger.  Keep on doing what you’re doing, and thanks for your help today.


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London Crawford–the Play of the Year

Most folks around Arkansas know London Crawford as being an outstanding receiver, and part of what has been known as the "play of the year," a 24-yard touchdown pass in the last 22 seconds, that pulled Arkansas ahead of LSU in the final game of the 2008 season.

But today, London made another outstanding play, interviewing a member of an agency of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, discussing the work of the agency in fighting hunger in the community. 

London was one of about 85 Arkansas athletes who came out on a sub-freezing day to help distribute food to 38 agencies of the food bank.  

This is the kind of off-the-field news that, while occurring often, doesn’t get reported enough.

Kudos London.  We think you could make a great reporter.

Scoring off the field with the Razorbacks.

By Ed Nicholson



A cold morning at Don Reynolds Stadium

Today we’re live-blogging from the University of Arkansas’s Don Reynold’s stadium, where we’re partnering with the Arkansas Razorbacks, and Lift Up America to distribute a truckload of Tyson products to agencies of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

We have Tyson chairman, John Tyson, UofA athletic director, Jeff Long, Dave Hannah, CEO of Lift Up America, and a bunch of Razorback athletes and and spirit squad members, all braving the cold to help load boxes of chicken into trucks, vans and trailers going to non-profit agencies serving the needy in northwest Arkansas. 

All of this started five years ago with similar donations involving the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs.  This is the third year we’ve done this event with the Razorbacks, one of sixteen such events we’ve done with Lift Up America and college and pro teams this year. 

We’ll be posting here as the day develops, as well as putting up Twitter messages, adding photos to Flickr, and posting videos to YouTube. 

Special shout out to Hugg & Hall for bringing out a forklift to help us get the products off the truck!