Tipping a hat to the competition



By Ed Nicholson

We all compete for something.  For those of us in the corporate world, the competition is open and visible. For those in the non-profit world, it’s often for donors, grants, resources and share of mind.

What would happen if those of us involved in hunger dropped our guards and supported what our "competitors" are doing to help end hunger?  Do you think we would compromise our own competitive postions?  In this case, I don’t.

Let me try.

ConAgra Foods and Tyson Foods can be fierce competitors in some categories in the marketplace.  But there’s one thing on which we agree:  No child should ever go hungry.  The ConAgra Foods Foundation does some outstanding work to alleviate hunger in the U.S.  In particular, the foundation deserves enormous kudos for their ongoing support of Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline.  This program brings together extremely talented chefs, nutritionists, food banks, feeding programs, and other caring folks to teach nutrition, food budgeting, and cooking skills to adults and kids.

It’s a fabulous program.  It needs and deserves more awareness. So go tell someone about it.

To whom would you tip your hat if organizational barriers didn’t exist?  You can comment here (anonymously, if you prefer).