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Hunger is not a problem in my community

By Ed Nicholson We recently spent a week traveling through Iowa with the rolling circus that is RAGBRAI  (I still have lots left to talk about there; more later).   The bicycle ride features 15,000 registered riders and thousands more who come along for the ride. Practically every state in the union is represented. One of the things we did as […]

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A few scenes from RAGBRAI 10–The first three days

Check out our video from the first three days at RAGBRAI 20101

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The Faces of Evil????

By Ed Nicholson I monitor social media for what gets said about Tyson Foods. Yesterday there was a tweet from someone who said "Can’t wait to be done with this bag of [Tyson] chicken so I can move on to something from a company that isn’t so evil."  I don’t know what prompted the comment (at least it appeared she […]

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Back in Iowa–Look at all those bicycles…!
Waterloo RAGBRAI Crew

By Ed Nicholson If you’ve followed this blog for more than a year, you know that this time each year, we have the distinct honor to join team members from our plants in Iowa (and one in Joslin, Illinois) in preparing and selling food along the route of the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI). Proceeds from the […]

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The Tyson RAGBRAI ’09 Team–Final Day–Burlington

By Ed Nicholson The name of the music clip (courtesy of Flipshare) I’ve been using on my little video vignettes all week is "A Perfect Saturday."  While nothing is perfect, today was darned close. Good weather, good people, and a good tired to end a great week. Again we had Tyson team members from the nearby Louisa County plant, working […]

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The Tyson RAGBRAI Team at Brighton

Today, team members from the Tyson Columbus Junction, Iowa plant came to Brighton to help raise money for local hunger relief agencies.   To view photos from this year’s Tyson RAGBRAI activities, go here.

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RAGBRAI–Days 5&6 Lacona and Sunny Slope Church

Here’s our team from Perry and Waterloo, at work in Lacona on Wednesday and at the Sunny Slope Church near Bethlehem on Thursday.  To view photos from this year’s Tyson RAGBRAI activities, go here.  

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RAGBRAI Day 4–Indianola

Here in the heart of the breadbasket of the world–an area that feeds people all over the planet–there’s hunger. More than 340,000 people in Iowa at risk of hunger.  Do you know the statistics for your state?  They’d probably surprise you.  You can find them on Feeding America’s website. Today the team from Perry, Iowa worked very hard in Indianola […]

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RAGBRAI-Day 3–Villisca–One small step

By Ed Nicholson The day began early today, as the core RAGBRAI team headed out for Villisca at 4:30 A.M. to meet folks from Council Bluffs and Omaha at 6:00.  The profits from today’s food sales went to the Churches Intercouncil Food Bank of Villasca.  I got started a little bit later, staying back to post some stuff here.  As I was driving […]

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RAGBRAI ’09–Day 2–Henderson

By Ed Nicholson Day two of the 2009 Tyson RAGBRAI efforts.  Day two that team members from our Council Bluffs and Omaha plants came out to prepare and sell food. I’ll be making the point all week: If you want to see into the heart of a company, don’t look in the boardroom.  Look at the people who make it […]

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The Tyson Team–RAGBRAI–Day 1–Council Bluffs

By Ed Nicholson This is the third consecutive year we’ve had the opportunity to be part of a team that includes people from the Tyson Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois plants, preparing and selling food at RAGBRAI to benefit childhood hunger organizations in Iowa communities.  I’m incredibly proud to be associated with these fine people.  They work very, very hard every […]

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RAGBRAI. We’re Back!!!!

      By Ed Nicholson For the third consecutive year, Team Members from the Tyson Iowa plants will be preparing and selling food along the route of the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI).  75% of the profits will go to childhood hunger programs in or near the towns in which the food is being sold.  25% will […]

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Bob Oliver, Tyson RAGBRAI 08 Truck Driver

We can never say enough good things about the efforts of the Tyson Transportation Group and their vital role in the company’s hunger relief efforts. They’re amazing. They’re always there with a great attitude, ready to deliver the food to the food banks or whereever it’s needed. They generally pick some of the coolest folks in the world to drive […]

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RAGBRAI–Wrapping it Up

      It’s been a long haul across the state for those who have done every mile of it:  LOTS of omelets, ribeye sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and pulled pork sandwiches have been sold.  LOTS of bottles of cold water.  And lots of money was raised for hunger relief efforts in those towns along the way.    The Ryder bob […]

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Le Claire–the last day of RAGBRAI–Tyson Foods Joslin Team

This is it. The last day.  We’re told there are a lot of tired and sore butts from seven days in the saddle.   I can tell you there are a lot of tired butts on our team.   The healthy crew from the Tyson Joslin plant came out to serve one last meal in sight of riders dipping their tires in the […]

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