John Curry, Food Resources Director, San Francisco FB

John Curry is the food resources manager for the San Francisco Food Bank.  John was instrumental in our expanding the Hunger Challenge comment for food effort to all five food banks in the Bay area. In addition to being an all-around good guy , John also helps manage a unique distribution sysem for the food bank.  John discusses the system in the video interview attached. 

John’s a great example of the kind of dedicated folks you’ll find in food banks all around the country. 

Help for the hungry in San Francisco

By Ed Nicholson

Every time I visit a food bank, I’m impressed and inspired by people who are taking limited and continually-taxed resources and working miracles with them.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the San Francisco Food Bank to donate a truckload of chicken, made as part of the Tyson commitment you the readers of this blog made possible by commenting on this post about hunger in the Bay Area.  I’m pleased to announce that since the effort began, Tyson has delivered more than 300,000 pounds of food to Bay Area food banks.  
The San Francisco Food Bank is a truly innovative, inspiring organization. In addition to serving more than 200 independent agencies, they’ve also created a network of distrubtion points, strategically-located to fill gaps where need exists, providing fresh produce acquired in collaboration with producers around the state.
Paul Ash, seen in the attached video, is the food bank’s executive director, and has served the food bank for 19 years,  Paul has a keen insight into the state of hunger in and beyond his own community. 
On a personal note, it was a true pleasure meeting Amy Sherman, Faith Kramer and Gayle Keck, part of the Hunger Challenge group that made this effort possible, as well as Paul, John Curry (SFFB food resources manager), and the rest of the great group from the food bank.  
Another phenomenal group working in the trenches in the fight against hunger.



Faith Kramer, Amy Sherman, Gayle Keck, Paul Ash