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Of twerking, cats and hungry kids

Ah, the interwebs.  A marvelous thing that has changed the lives of all of us.  It can feed the intellect, stimulate the senses and take us around the world.   Or it can suck us into a cultural wasteland, wherein the most banal of  subjects get enormous attention.     It’s really our own choice as to where we want to be taken–and […]

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Coins for Kids Blends Service, Learning

Share Our Strength will debut a new curriculum for its Coins for Kids program in March that may “make change” in the way students learn about money. Aleta Greer, an elementary school teacher with the Alpine (Calif.) School District near San Diego, created the program last winter. The idea was to mesh identifying coins with the community service requirement of […]

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Teenage Role Model

Jackie Price plans to be a chef someday. For now, she’s just a hero. A senior at Magruder High School in Rockville, Md., Price started her own Great American Bake Sale effort at the age of 13. Four years later, she’s raised nearly $15,000 and is a four-time nominee for Share Our Strength’s GABS Leadership Award. If those efforts weren’t […]

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Hinges of Hope

“There are places in America that I think of as hinges of hope. They encompass despair but also promise. These challenging, seemingly intractable conditions have attracted amazing people who have committed their lives to ameliorating them. They represent some of our nations’ toughest and most stubborn problems and if we can make a difference there, we should be able to […]

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Guest post: Bill Shore, Share Our Strength

Together we’re going to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. How can I be so confident in our ability to defeat a problem as complex and widespread as childhood hunger in America?

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No Kid Hungry in Arkansas. A beginning.
Share Our Strength Founder and Executive Director Billy Shore announcing the No Kid Hungry in Arkansas initiative

  Arkansas—our home state—ranks  11th in the U.S. among states for total agricultural production.  Lots of food produced here.    Yet according to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, it ranks #1—worst—among states with the highest percentage of children at risk of hunger.   Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe thinks it’s time something is done to erase that paradox.   That’s why he was […]

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It’s Friday Afternoon. Know Where Your Kids Are?

 I originally put this post up last February.  As we near the end of the school year, it’s important to consider just how important school lunch is to the nutritional needs of some kids.  And what is going to happen in a few weeks when summer vacation begins.   By Ed Nicholson                                                                           photo by eyeliam–Creative Commons A colleague of mine […]

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Big Hearts, Big Minds Come Together to Discuss Hunger Solutions

    Participants in the WeCanEndThis Cause Lab By Ed Nicholson On Monday, I had the privilege of sitting in on the first WeCanEndThis Cause Lab, a day-long think tank at the annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, focused on arriving at new solutions to the problem of hunger in the U.S.   Big vision guy, Scott Henderson conceived […]

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Learning from our children

By Ed Nicholson      Share Our Strength has received some tremendous support from the Food Network in the past couple of years, not the least of which is their bringing on Aaron McCargo, Jr. (also known as "Big Daddy") as a celebrity supporter of Share Our Strength programs.   The great thing about Aaron McCargo, Jr.  is that he’s simply not a paid shill for the cause (and there are […]

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Spending some time with friends

    photo courtesy of Share Our Strength By Ed Nicholson      For the next few days, I’ll be attending the annual Share Our Strength Conference of Leaders in Our Nation’s Capital.  It’s the ninth such conference I’ve attended since Tyson formally committed to the fight against hunger in 2000. This year marks Share Our Strength’s 25th anniversary, so the conference […]

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Tipping a hat to the competition

    By Ed Nicholson We all compete for something.  For those of us in the corporate world, the competition is open and visible. For those in the non-profit world, it’s often for donors, grants, resources and share of mind. What would happen if those of us involved in hunger dropped our guards and supported what our "competitors" are doing […]

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From Share Our Strength–Numbers everyone should know

Here’s a powerful, very short video produced for Share Our Strength by  iStrategyLabs. There are 12.4 million children at risk of hunger in America. Learn how you can help at Art direction/design/story: Zach Goodwin. Animation: Brock Boyts. Music: Project ULTRA (Richard Thies & Nick Ross).    

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Involve me and I’ll understand

    Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.    Chinese proverb   Day of Service at Capitol Area Food Bank, DC By Ed Nicholson Hunger is a complex issue.  Most people don’t really understand it. We’re told about it.  We’re rarely shown hunger (how many of us actually recognize it when […]

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Seven Hunger Relief Organizations Doing Good Social Media Stuff

By Ed Nicholson One of our goals with this site is to be a positive force in helping bring the discussion of hunger online, creating awareness for the issue and those instrumental in the fight against hunger. When we came to the issue nine years ago, we found a lively discussion already occurring among a passionate community of those involved […]

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What’s Your Story? Part 2

By Ed Nicholson   Last week I posted an entry about the power of storytelling in conveying ideas.  I’d like to continue that theme this week.   Billy Shore, founder and executive director of Share Our Strength, is probably responsible for recruiting more evangelists to the issue of hunger than any other one person on earth.  He’s one of those […]

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