FoodProduction_MOplantEvery day I have the honor to work with and around people who make food.  They work hard.  From the farm, to the production plant, to the folks who sell and deliver the food, all the way to the people who perform essential jobs behind desks—they care about what they do and the products they make.   They feed those products to their own families, but they know a lot of other families are enjoying them, too.  I’d really like for the people who disparage big bad companies to meet each and every one of them.
As we pause and reflect on our blessings this week,  I’m thankful there are people who devote their lives to making and serving food, whether they work on a small farm that feeds a few people or one that cultivates thousands of acres; in a local diner or in a national restaurant chain; for an artisinal manufacturer  or a large company that feeds millions. We need them all to feed a hungry world.
I’m hopeful that everyone who wants a meal this Thanksgiving will find one.  And I pray for the day that anyone who needs a meal will have one, every day of the year.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.