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Hunger Relief Twitterers

We created this blog in 2007, with the goal of raising awareness of the issue of hunger and supporting the community of people and organizations involved in hunger relief.   Early on I was excited about the potential of social media tools bringing the hunger community together.  In early 2008, I created a list of those in the hunger community using […]

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Hunger Twitterers

We started this Twitter list almost two years ago with names of people who have been active (online or offline) in the discussion of hunger. Since then it’s grown as more and more people and organizations find Twitter a valid way to bring the community online. See the list […]

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Hunger Relief Twitter Accounts–Updated version

We started this Twitter list over a year ago with names of peope who have been active (online or offline) in the discussion  of hunger. Since then it’s grown as more and more people find Twitter a valid way to bring the community online.   From time to time, I’ll re-tweet the URL to this post. If you’d like your name […]

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It’s time for another Hunger Challenge–You can help feed people in need

Last year, we had the opportunity to work with the San Francisco Food Bank and a great group of  bloggers to help raise awareness for hunger in the Bay Area during Hunger Action Month. It was a successful effort in which we asked for–and received–your assistance.   More than 2100 comments were submitted to this post, resulting in five truckoads of food being […]

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Seven Hunger Relief Organizations Doing Good Social Media Stuff

By Ed Nicholson One of our goals with this site is to be a positive force in helping bring the discussion of hunger online, creating awareness for the issue and those instrumental in the fight against hunger. When we came to the issue nine years ago, we found a lively discussion already occurring among a passionate community of those involved […]

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The Day We Declined to Do Good

  By Ed Nicholson Yesterday, we were asked by Warren Sukernek,   as a member of the Twitter community, to participate in an online fundraising effort, initiated by David Armano, to benefit a family in dire straits.  Warren raised the issue in a blog post about why brands should be participating in this effort. It was a valid question.    Daniela’s is a […]

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A food bank CEO’s perspective–why you should care about hunger

  by Ed Nicholson I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Austin on Monday for the Tyson portion of the HAM-up Tweetup.  What an inspiring community, full of energetic, passionate folks. Big thanks to all of the friends we made at Social Media Club Austin and 501 Tech Club Austin.  It was a sincere pleasure meeting Mike Chapman, […]

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Want to build a community? Look at Austin.

    Courtesy of Capital Area Food Bank of Texas "Hunger is Unacceptable" Campaign Ed Nicholson I’ve previously mentioned two online spaces that do a marvelous job of giving residents in their communities an accurate and compelling image of the face of hunger:  Food for Thought and Invisible–the frontlines of hunger in Colorado. This week, I was made aware of […]

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Tyson Foods Twittering

Ed Nicholson As part of our effort to get the hunger community engaged in social media, I’ve discussed Twitter in a previous post.  For some time I’ve been Twittering under name @ederdn,  In an effort to separate my personal Twitter stream from the official company stream, I’ve registered the name TysonFoods.  Unfortunately, there have been some cases of corporate Twitter handles […]

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More Social Media Stuff–Twitter

  By Ed Nicholson Another in a series about social media and how those engaged in the issue of hunger might use them to build community.  If you’re already using these tools, this will be elementary stuff.  If you’re not, I encourage you to try them out. Twitter is a social media tool that’s seen explosive growth recently. Kind of […]

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